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The cumin is the secret ingredient. You definitely can’t leave it out else it tastes like tomato sauce that went bad. I substituted sugar for honey and added green onions and used lemon instead of lime. it was delicious.
FAST and EASY Salsa made with Canned Diced Tomatoes! Just add green peppers and onions to this simple recipe and you’ll have a delicious chunky salsa ready to serve in minutes!  This Canned Diced Tomato Salsa tastes just like the salsa at your favorite Mexican restaurant! 
Going to be making this for my fiancé tonight. I’ve made red salsa and pico, but NEVER salsa verde. Lol. He is a green sauce kinda guy. So I figured why not surprise home with a batch?? 🤣 I will definitely update you! Thanks for sharing? Can I roast the tomatillos, or do I have to boil the ?
Hi, I’m Pamela! Recipe maker. Urban farmer. Vegetable grower. Film director. Mama to 5 cats and Enceladus. Eats too much cheese, drinks too much tea, dreams too much of donuts, grows too many pumpkins.
This is a good basic fresh salsa recipe and I keep the tomato juice out by using roma tomatoes as they are easy to seed and you have less juice to contend with. I like using the Serrano pepper for a little different flavor, and use chopped green onions when I have them. This is an easy recipe to alter for your specific taste.
Put all of the ingredients in your blender. Adding the tomatoes first makes it much easier to blend. Do not add water unless it won’t blend and then only add 2 tablespoons of water at a time. Most of the time you won’t have to add any. Too much water makes the salsa runny. You want a full-bodied slightly chunky tomato salsa.
This Roasted Green Tomato Salsa recipe is perfect for days when you crave restaurant style salsa but would rather make fresh salsa in your own kitchen.  We always prefer homemade salsa over store-bought and typically make a traditional red salsa. However, we recently created this recipe because of the unexpected abundance of  green tomatoes that came into our lives.
I have made this several times to try to replicate our favorite restaurant’s smoked salsa–it doesn’t just replicate it, it’s better! We love this recipe exactly as written, maybe with little extra lime at the end.
Why would this recipe not work for canning? I have an abundance of grape tomatoes that I will use for this recipe. I have another recipe for zesty salsa that I can can using a hot water bath. Wondering about doing it for this recipe or if I should just freeze this salsa in pint ball jars. Thanks for sharing!
Magaret’s Picante Sauce “The best salsa is the salsa your neighbor delivers to your door with a cheerful smile and a tremendous amount of Love and the only salsa recipes you will ever need is Margaret´s.”
Mexican salsa verde usually is made with tomatillos, not green tomatoes. (Tomatillos are in the same family as green tomatoes, but more closely related to the gooseberry.) But this version is a beautiful and delicious salsa, even without tomatillos.
If using canned tomatoes, you say to use 28oz can. But for fresh, use 10-12 tomatoes? I can’t imagine there are 10-12 in a 28oz can. Am I missing something? This recipe looks amazing so just want to get it right. I’m going to be using fresh tomatoes vs canned.
Instead, I cut the tomatoes in half, place them cut-side down on a baking sheet, pop them under the hot oven broiler for 3-4 minutes (watch closely!) and the skins will wrinkle right up when the pan is removed, and after they are cooled, the skins will peel off really easily.
3.  Add your canned fire roasted tomatoes and green chilies.  We use canned fire roasted tomatoes which are a huge shortcut from roasting your own tomatoes and much more flavorful than fresh tomatoes.  Fire roasted tomatoes have been gently roasted over an open fire for a great smoky, flavor which enhances the sweetness and mellows the acidity.
I made this for the first time the other day (first time making anything really…) and it turned out great! Just wondering if you have any tips for making it any sweeter? Would using brown sugar be a good idea?
Great recipe!  Thank you!  I adapted it slightly and fire-roasted the tomatoes, jalapeños and garlic and my husband and I LOVED it!  Thank you for all the instructions, will DEFINITELY be making more!

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