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first timer here, i followed recipe for tomatoes cut up put in jar and hot water bat for 45 minutes, they are beautiful but stewed tomatoes is what i wanted, can i open the previous cans and redo them. im told to boil them for stewed tomatoed, what do you thik of opening the jars up and putting in pot to boil? they were done 3 days ago. thanks
I meant to measure too (even bought a scale) but forgot! 🙂 I think my recent batch that I produced 7 cups worth was about 12 lbs of tomatoes. If you do measure or count the tomatoes please let us know. Excited to plan ahead next year to make even more salsa!
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Hey Beth – sorry about that. The notes somehow went missing. I’ll add them again, but here’s a great article about canning salt. Basically, you can sub in kosher salt or even table salt (although use a bit less since the granules of table salt are finer)…it’s best to try to use a kosher salt without any additives (canning or pickling salt is pure salt without any anti-caking agents) if possible.
Broil two large Jalapenos and one large Serrano Chili until their skin begins to bubble and turn black. Slice off the stems and throw the ENTIRE chilies, seeds and all, into the blender (works best) or food processer.
When I grew my first tomatoes back in thee 1960’s a friend advised me to uproot the entire plant before the first frost and hand it from the rafters in my garage. It turns out that the tomatoes will continue to draw nourishment from the roots, stems and leaves and will ripen without soil or water as the plant dries.
It’s actually one that I shared on the blog a few years ago. But — like many of the recipes around here lately while I’ve been busy with wedding planning — it’s one that I recently re-photographed and updated to share with those of you who might have missed it the first time around, because I’m convinced that everyone needs this recipe in their lives.
However, when it comes to salsa, not all is lost when the homemade stash runs out. I still have at least 15 quarts of whole peeled tomatoes left from last summer’s canning sessions and so have been making batch after batch of blender salsa to satisfy my dipping needs.
Once the ingredients are no longer hot to the touch, place them, along with the salt and cilantro, into a food processor and blend it until it reached the desired consistency (you may have too many ingredients to fit them all into the food processor, so be prepared to break the recipe up into two batches).
Thank you! Thank you! Thank youuuu!  I am a born and raised Texan who moved to Canada 12 years back. I have searched high and low to find a salsa that reminds me of home. Made this over the weekend and I am so happy!! So simple, so easy and perfect!! Love it!
Just made salsa the aroma of salsa is the bomb! Followed recipe exactly and I taste tested before canning this is the best salsa recipe I have ever made! Thank you for publishing this wonderful recipe!
Here’s an easy salsa my four-year old could make. (He’s now 25!) I sat him on the counter next to the blender, and I opened cans, put spoons in spices, and he put it together and pushed the button! He was always so proud that he made the salsa!
The color varies depending on the tomatoes. So just naturally turn darker when cooked. Did you use plum tomatoes or regular tomatoes? Plum tomatoes will get darker than regular tomatoes. Did use do the step where you cook the salsa in hot oil? This step helps a lot to darken it. Cheers!
These Oven-Fried Green Tomatoes with Sriracha-Ranch Dipping Sauceare so delicious you might want to make them early and late tomato season, and these tasty green tomatoes are low-carb, gluten-free, an (Healthy Low Carb Dressing)
The salsa was a huge hit at my house. It was easy to make, quick and a crowd-pleaser when served at our Saturday night gathering around the fire pit. Serve it with tortilla chips or as a garnish for chili.
OHMYGOODNESS, this stuff is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I am a salsa addict, and I’m pretty sure this recipe is only going to make the problem worse–oddly enough, I’m okay with Caitlin – I’m not sure – the method is entirely different with an InstantPot (it uses high pressure to can). I’ve read that the pressure doesn’t get high enough in an InstantPot to safely can foods so you might want to check into that before trying.
So today I am sharing with you our recipe. This is how we like it and the heat we like but that can all be adjusted to your preferences too. Just be careful, we have done some mighty powerful stuff over the years that we have regretted. I like a salsa that is between mild and medium so that the other ingredients of dishes can still stand out. You can always add heat to your dish that you are serving. For example jalapenos on nachos to gain that extra heat you may desire.
I’ve found through long practice that the salsa can be thawed and refrozen with little problem. I freeze it in 8-ounce yogurt containers, taking one out when I’m having Mexican fare. If there’s very much left over, I just put it back into the freezer. I haven’t noticed any serious degradation of taste after even three cycles of freezing–although it usually disappears much more quickly than that.
As much as I crave a daily sugar rush, this salsa makes for a great (healthier) snacking substitute, and if your garden is anything like mine my husband’s, it’s a great way to use up that excessive amount of fresh produce before it goes bad.
Good, simple recipe that works well. Watch out for the salt content: add just a little then more if you need it. The recipe leaves you with a lot of liquid – it might be a good idea to pour off some before serving.
Let me introduce you to the easiest salsa you’ve ever met. It literally comes together in under 5 minutes. Not only is it easy peasy to prepare but it’s down right delicious. Unlike pico de gallo, it’s more like a salsa you’d get in a Mexican restaurant served with chips before you get dinner.
Have been making salsa for many years,always a different recipe. Mel this recipe is the bomb. You can’t buy salsa this good. Only thing I changed was adding more jalapenos with seeds. Got rave reviews from family and friends. Thank you.
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I’ll add notes to the recipe and in the comment thread below. Basically, a lot will depend on the variety of tomatoes you have and you should really just use the weight measure as a guideline since it may vary quite a bit.
Salsa verde can be made with just tomatillos, just green tomatoes or a mixture of both. They are in the same plant family, have a similar consistency and similar taste. We used about 1/4 of our green tomatoes to make a whopper batch of salsa verde and still have well over 100 pounds of tomatoes sitting in the mud room slowly ripening (if you missed it, here’s our post with five tips to ripen green tomatoes). 

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