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Hi Claudia, yes, that is possible. It’s not supposed to be super thick. However, tomatoes thicken up a ton in the fridge as they chill. So place the salsa in your fridge and check it tomorrow or several hours later today and it should have thickened up much better.
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Tea, peach nectar, ginger ale, lemonade, and club soda all come together to create this refreshing summer drink that is absolutely perfect for a hot Southern day. This recipe makes about a gallon, but you can double it as you need to depending on the size of your gathering. What’s so great about this Governor’s Mansion Summer Peach Tea Punch is that it brings together so many of the great tastes of the South, including peaches and tea—and what could be more Southern than those? Grab a tall glass, fill it with ice, and get ready to garnish it with fresh peach slices for a pretty finish.
Hi, I’m Elizabeth! Do you feel like you want to eat more healthy, whole foods, but that at the end of the day you’re too busy/stressed to cook them? I create recipes made from wholesome, “real food” ingredients that are perfect for busy people, because I believe eating healthy should help relieve stress, not cause it. learn more!
Because this recipe includes salt as one of the ingredients (and the salt will cause the fruit to give up some of it’s liquid), we recommend that you mix everything together and add the salt just before serving.
Crisp and colorful vegetables not only make for satisfying meals, they support life-long health, reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, heart disease and obesity, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Consume pico de gallo — a fresh salsa made from tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and lime juice — as a healthful side dish or pair it with lean protein to make a filling meal. You’ll boost your intake of essential minerals, vitamins and other phytonutrients that benefit your health.
I thought this recipe was so bland as did my boyfriend. He normally raves about my food but not this time. Just a little too boring. I would take suggestions from the other reviewers and add a stronger cheese and perhaps some toasted pine nuts.
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I love to explore international cuisines and discover new flavours. On this blog you’ll find simple that are influenced by my experiences with different foods. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks for being here!
Now about this salsa… this looks AMAZEBALLS!!! I will be all over this in about 24 hours!!! I do wonder how big of a can of peaches did you use? Fresh peaches is just not an option in Ohio right now, in fact there is so much rain I might have to build a boat to get to the store so I can get my fixin’s for this salsa. Thanks Holly!!!
Peaches will turn your world right side up just when this cake turns your appetite upside-down. Nothing is better than peaches married with tender, moist cake. Be sure to use cake flour—not self-rising—for this recipe. The flavors that combine to make this cake are fantastic on their own—vanilla beans and sour cream are just two—but it is the peaches that are the true star here, coated in caramelized sugar and cooked to what becomes golden-brown perfection. Whether you top this with sweetened whipped cream or not is up to you: it is hard to make this better, but the whipped cream just might push this over the edge.
Never made my own salsa before, I have always been lazy and store bought it… but if the recipe is this easy, quick and delicious it is definitely something that I will be making from scratch next time!
If you love this delicious spicy fresh fruit salsa, please check out some of my other homemade Mexican food favorites! These easy Mexican inspired dishes are family favorites, and always a huge hit at our house!
My boyfriend suggested using 5 tomatoes and half of a sweet red pepper to give it some extra taste. Maybe this would be good as well? Also, I let the salsa sit in the fridge for a few hours after mixing it, and there was LOTS of liquid at the bottom of it. I didn’t know if this was normal or not… but I mixed the salsa well and then drained most of the extra liquid off.
Following the 3-step rule of peel-seed-dice described in this post, the concassée technique eliminates the texture of the skin and all of the excess liquid from the pulp and seeds, leaving behind the delicious flesh of the tomato.
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“Made a pork tenderloin. Rub your favorite dry season rub on all sides of a pork tenderloin. Be sure to get the ends. I use the McCormick lemon rub. In a heavy oven proof dutch oven pot brown the tenderloin. Do the ends first so you can hold the roast for the ends to brown. Then sear all the sides. This makes a crust on the roast and keeps the juices in the roast as it bakes. After browning place the lid on the pot and place in a 350 oven and cook until desired temperature is meet. Remember it will continue to cook for at least 10 min. so you don’t want to cook it to at least 5 degrees below what you want when you take it out.

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