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Took ten minutes to throw together. I put it all in the blender together and whizzed it for about 30 seconds just to mix it all thoroughly and more combined. I served with chicken fajitas – absolutely gorgeous!  –  08 Apr 2012
“Good homemade salsa; if you can make it with your own home-grown tomatoes it will be even better. I don’t think cilantro processes well, so I usually add 1 tablespoon of fresh, minced cilantro to each pint of salsa once I open it. However, if you’d like to add the cilantro prior to processing you can – just add 1/2 cup chopped cilantro after you cook down the tomatoes, when you add the rest of the vegetables. For the green bell peppers, you can use anaheim or poblano chile peppers, or just regular green bell peppers. “Cooking Time” includes processing time. Depending on how quick you are at peeling and seeding tomatoes, this recipe may take longer than the stated amount of time.”
Hi, I’m Averie and I’m so glad you’ve found my site! You’ll find fast and easy recipes from dinners to desserts that taste amazing and are geared for real life. Nothing fussy or complicated, just awesome tasting dishes everyone loves!
Hmm, I think I found myself a salsa recipe. 😀 This looks like the perfect recipe for me. Thank you for sharing and thanks for coming for today’s FF. I hope to see you next week for FF’s first anniversary. 🙂
7. Place a large empty pot on the stove and turn on low heat. Rough chop eat tomato into bite sized pieces. They don’t have to be perfect. Trasfer to the pot as your cutting board gets full. Don’t waster the tomato juice…it adds wonderful flavor. Repeat until all tomatoes have been chopped, and tomatoes and juice are all in the pot. Turn heat up to medium low and start adding seasoning. I like to add plenty of salt, pepper and then some celery salt. I also add a tiny bit of sugar to bring out the sweetness of the tomatoes.  I usually add a half cup, but I make a HUGE pot…so you’ll want to play around with seasonings until it tastes good, depending on how much you’re making. Add a few Tbs. of lemon juice. Some people like to add chopped onions and celery at this point, but I prefer to just have the tomatoes plain because I like to add them to so many different recipes. Simmer for 10-15 minutes.
Looks easy enough, though I will skip the monsanto canned veggies in favor of my garden grown ingrediants. I thought you were going to say you threw Pico in the blender, which is all salsa really is. Of course Pico de gallo is nothing like salsa… like apples are nothing like oranges, but BOTH are delicious!!
Kathy, I happened upon this and realized no one had responded to your question. Yes, cilantro is the leaf of the coriander plant. The seeds are ground and sold as the spice that we call “coriander.” Hope that was helpful!
Just made it using Walmart fire roasted tomatoes and fresh jalapeños. Also added dash of olive oil and a pinch of sugar. Doubt I will ever buy jar salsa again. You can definitely make this using a different variety of canned tomatoes. I even thought of adding black beans and corn. Great recipe.
Excellent fresh salsa, so much better than store bought. I used a bit less sugar as my yellow & red tomatoes fresh from the garden were sweet. I added a little good olive oil based on other reviews, this recipe is a keeper!
I have made this Roasted Tomato Salsa at least 20 times, and every time a friend has asked me for this recipe. It is delicious but also so easy to prepare and the roasting of the tomatoes, onions and pepper highlight the flavors.
If you’re looking for a versatile condiment that’s perfect for summer fare, consider salsa. I know many of you think of salsa as something to serve with tortilla chips or a Mexican dish, but there are a lot of interesting ways to use it.
My family has always used canned tomatoes for home made salsa. We have never tried to can the recipe yet but would love to try. We do freeze the reciepe though,you can use plastic or glass jars. If using glass jars don’t fill all the way to the top. When taken out of the frezzer, let thaw and shake the jar and enjoy. What is great with this is you can make plenty ahead of time and save for company that shows up anytime.
I recently discovered this recipe for roasted tomato salsa. It is everything you want in a recipe; it is delicious, easy to make and you can freeze it too!Adjust the heat by the number and or kind of peppers that you use. I use a combination of jalapeno and serrano peppers.
If you let the salsa stand for more than 30 minutes you might see some water setting on the surface – it always depends on how watery your tomatoes are. Either stir it back in or take it off with a spoon!
Im curious about the previous question about the lemon juice, also. I have NEVER canned before, and I’m going for it this year! I’ve been reading here and there for recipes and methods, and yours is the only one that did NOT call for lemon juice… can I leave it out, and if so, why do so many others add it?
The fact is, this stuff is quite amazing. We have been putting it on everything, and if we didn’t have anything to put it on, I think we’d just drink it out of the jar. And, though I was setting out to make a hot sauce, it actually eats more like a salsa. To me, a hot sauce is an ingredient – you might put a certain amount in a recipe, but you don’t just eat it with a spoon. This, I would eat with a spoon, and a pretty big one, too.I have added small amounts of other hot peppers when the jalapenos didn’t seem quite spicy enough, which is why there are some little red specks in this batch, but not too much, or you lose the thing I like I like best about jalapenos, which is that they can be quite spicy at first, but the heat dissipates very quickly, so that you can enjoy the next zingy jolt. If you like things spicier than this, by all means, add some hotter type peppers to the mix. And, I know this is going to sound like an awful lot of garlic, but trust me – it is not too much, so don’t be stingy with it.
You may have noticed, lately that i’ve been bringing you a truck load of breakfasty type foods. Check here, here and here. Yeah, uh.. please don’t be mad at me. It wasn’t intentional. Remember how we’ve talked about how I get on these food binges and just cannot get enough? Well it’s been breakfast foods lately.
The exact weight of tomatoes will depend on the variety you use. I like to use roma (paste tomatoes) if I have them because the water content is less but any kind of tomato will work. The key is to peel the tomatoes and let them drain. See the step-by-step tutorial below the recipe for a visual. I like to pull out and discard the thicker white core of the tomatoes.
This salsa is a perfect summer snack! For ease, I don’t worry about seeding the tomatoes and pulse the ingredients in the food processor; if my family deems it too “juicy,” we strain off a bit of the liquid and then add the lime juice.
yes you can tell if you have hot jalapenos if they are dark green they are hot so get the lighter green ones i know only because i made some salsa and didnt know why it was so hot .now i just buy the lighter ones hope that helps.
Mel, I followed your recipe almost exactly for what it called for except I laid back on the jalapenos, since we don’t like our salsas too hot. Both my husband and I love this recipe and wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Freezing them first shouldn’t make any difference. In fact, I read yesterday that you can peel ‘maters by freezing first, then put them in a sink of warm water. Peels are supposed to all but drop off. Haven’t tried it but do have tomatoes in the freezer! I’m thinking they’re going to be mushy, but it’s salsa-who cares!
I did make it and it was delicious.   I actually froze the tomatoes until I had time to use them.  I washed them and froze them whole in gallon size freezer bags.  When time to use, I defrosted tomatoes on counter top  for about two hours,  the skin came off easily and chopping the tomatoes up wasn’t a mess because it was still semi frozen.  This method worked perfectly actually.  Then I followed the instructions for this recipe.  The salsa turned out perfect.  Very tasty.  I canned several for later enjoyment.  Excellent recipe, thanks for sharing!
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To let this salsa have the best flavor, put it in an airtight container and in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.  This lets the flavors really combine and get good and acquainted 🙂  And as a bonus, I like the taste of cold salsa, so that makes it even better.
“Great recipe. Love the consistency. Changed celery to dried cilantro and cut salt to 2 tbsp. can make as hot or mild with the types of peppers. We used paste tomatoes and diced them instead of quartering them.”
Made this for our annual Halloween Bash! And it was GONE! A perfect fresh salsa, and so easy to make. So many people asked for the recipe. I did use only one small habanero. Still super spicy. It is a keeper and is now my ONLY tomato salsa recipe. No more roasting, baking or complications.

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