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Made this tonight! I made one change- added one minced clove of garlic. My husband had serious doubts until he tried it. THIS WAS SOOOO GOOD! This recipe according to hubby “Perfected the first time you made it!” will do again and again!
Savingkathy, this dish is best when made with homegrown tomatoes, although it will also work with grocery store tomatoes. Just add garlic and plenty of lemon juice to make up for the lack of tomato flavor. : ) I’ve also made it with canned tomatoes and was still pleased with how it turned out.
Made this last week, lovely colour and presentation. I am not a cilantro lover, so next time I would half the amount of cilantro, i found it a little overpowering. Otherwise it was delicious and a big hit at my lunch group.
After 20 minutes of talking to this sales rep, who was  friendly and assured us that he was the person we were supposed to talk to, we realized he was indeed trying to sell us something. We said no thank you, probably about 8 times before he finally took no for an answer, and then made a beeline for the exit. We eventually found the right person, and got a cab to the hotel, but the entire experience was frustrating (as you can imagine, I’m sure).
For this fresh salsa, starring both peaches and tomatoes, I add chunks of  fresh tomatoes and peaches to my food processor along with red bell and jalapeno peppers, red onion, cilantro and garlic cloves.  I then toss in some seasonings and pulse everything together until the salsa reaches the consistency and texture that I want.  We love to enjoy this salsa with tortilla chips, or as a condiment for grilled chicken, fish or pork.  I even eat it on salads and tacos…oh so good! It’s sweet and spicy, and I love having a fresh and healthy way to get my kids to eat more fruit and vegetables.
I love how incredibly fresh-tasting this salsa is… between the mango and pineapple, the bite from the red onion and jalapeño, and the pop from lime juice and cilantro, it’s an amazing combination. Not only is it fabulous, but it takes mere minutes to make. If you’re a master with the chef’s knife, you’ll have this thrown together in 10 minutes! We ate this with regular tortilla chips, although my CCC’s cousin served hers with lime-flavored tortilla chips, which were great, as well.
The Spanish name for this salsa means “rooster’s beak,” and originally referred to a salad of jicama, peanuts, oranges, and onions. But today, whether you’re in Minneapolis or Mexico City, if you ask for pico de gallo, you’ll get the familiar cilantro-flecked combination of chopped tomato, onion, and fresh chiles. This tart, crisp condiment (also known as salsa Mexicana) has become so common on Mexican tables that it seems like no coincidence that its colors match those of the national flag. Besides finding firm ripe tomatoes and seeding them, the key to this salsa is adding plenty of lime juice and salt, and not skimping on the chiles. Because without a burst of acidity and heat, you’re just eating chopped tomatoes.
Incorporate the South’s house wine—no, it’s not moonshine—with the heat from jalapeños for a delicious twist on this side plate staple. This side dish has everything. It gets some sweetness from two cups of sweetened tea, plus a large, fresh peach. Add in a little heat courtesy of a large jalapeño and some chopped fresh chives. The crunch comes courtesy of the South’s favorite nut, the pecan, which is here toasted to perfection in a little butter, making it both rich and fragrant. Stir everything else in, and enjoy this combination of textures, tastes, sensations, and flavors.
Just fantastic! Never having experienced fresh ricotta before, I can see how other reviewers might not have had the same experience. What a difference! Anytime I can get it AND good tomatoes I will be making this for my husband and I, for friends, family, dinner parties…
Pico de gallo. Most of you have had this and may not even realize it. You may think it’s salsa, but it’s a salsa fresca that is usually chunkier and contains chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, salt and lime juice. Other ingredients, like avocados, can be added, but if you’re anywhere in the Southwest you’ve probably had this served to you at a restaurant with your tacos, salad or burritos. Most Arizonans are huge fans so we wanted to share our recipe with you guys today.
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These simple-to-make Peach Melba Shortbread Bars combine the sweetness of peach preserves with the slight tartness of raspberry preserves, and the toasted nuttiness of almonds that cook to a golden brown on top. Once these have cooled, you can give them a dusting of powdered sugar. Leave these chewy squares unattended and they’ll disappear faster than you can say “But those were for the bake sale!” The powdered sugar may be a giveaway—or just double the recipe and have one at home to enjoy. You’ll love every sweet bite.
Hi! I’m Brandi, a wife and mom behind this blog who healed my husband’s gout and my digestion issues through a plant-based diet. I’m not complicated, I keep things simple. All my recipes are 8 ingredients or less, not including salt, pepper or water. They are allergy-friendly, as they are all vegan, oil-free and nearly all are gluten-free. You’ll find lots of baked goods here, as I’ve been a baker all my life, it’s my passion!
Slice the lime in half and squeeze the juice from half a lime the bowl. Sprinkle with salt, and stir together until combined. Be sure to taste the pico de gallo and adjust the seasonings, adding salt or more diced jalapeno if needed.
Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links to the items I used to make this salsa There is no additional cost to you, but I may earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. Thank you for your support!
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I would have given 5 stars but I haven’t ate it yet , but if it tastes as good as it looks , I could just eat the whole jar 🙂 I like to have salsa with a huge baked potato , I also enjoy having a thick chopped steak slathered with salsa , gosh , I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it , lol 😉 , btw , sure hope your neck is better 🙂
When it gets this hot and humid, cold food is all anyone wants around here. My stand-by pico de gallo recipe is an absolute summertime staple, and Marlboro Man could eat it with tortilla chips three a day. It’s the best. But for me, I like to make this alternate version of “pico” using pineapple, mango (when I can find one), and red onion instead of yellow. It’s pretty, slightly sweet, and is so delicious on grilled chicken breasts or a plate of cheese nachos.
This recipe begins by browning the chicken in a skillet on the stovetop, and then cooking the shallots in the drippings while the chicken gets cooked in the oven. Starting the chicken on the stovetop and finishing in the oven helps prevent dry, overcooked chicken. The flavorful juices make a fresh and clean sauce—much lighter than a flour-thickened gravy. The chicken gets baked with the sliced peaches, giving it a savory-sweet flavor. Serve this with steamed rice, couscous, or quinoa for a simple summer meal. You’ll love the juices, so save them to serve over whatever grain you choose.
I made this yesterday for a women’s Pinterest party we had. Everyone brought a dish they found on Pinterest and we made 3 DIY crafts. It was a blast. Anyway this was the favorite out of all the dishes. I will make it again. Thanks for sharing 🙂
3 Adjust seasonings: Place in a serving bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. If the chilies make the salsa too hot, add some more chopped tomato. If not hot enough, carefully add a few of the seeds from the chilies, or add a little more ground cumin.
When the ingredients are in balance, Pico has a light, effervescent flavor that will work wonders on tacos, tortas and even nachos.  It’s the perfect example of the sum being far greater than the individual parts.
“I made this salsa when I was in Maryland last summer for the first time. My brother and his wife, my two children and myself absolutely fell in love with this change of pace recipe. I have been asked to make it again when I return for another visit.”
Todd, I think the pickled serranos are spicy enough. I know peppers vary in heat depending upon the soil, climate, seed stock, etc. But I didn’t know serranos are particularly unpredictable. Thanks for the tip!
You can serve your homemade pico de gallo immediately, or store it in the fridge for a while too. I’ve found sometimes letting it sit for a while improves the flavors as they have a chance to meld. You’ll want to eat it within a couple days, though. And keep in mind the peppers often increase in heat a bit the longer it sits.
Because this particular salsa is made with fresh ingredients, it will last as long as you would expect cut fresh tomatoes to last. It’s best eaten right after you make it, chilled it should last about 5 days or so.
“This is very good, although for a little more texture, I would have diced and set aside 1 of the peaches, a quarter of the onion and half a tomato and set aside to add at the end to the food processor batch. Otherwise it ends up similar to a peach gazpacho!”
I gotta admit, it’s rare I have limes and fresh cilantro on hand at the same time. When I get a hankering for fresh salsa and I’m missing those two key ingredients, I like to substitute in lime and cilantro essential oil. You can’t tell the difference in taste, and it usually saves me a trip to the grocery store. Just start with small amounts– one drop or less. These oils are super potent and can quickly ruin your salsa if you add too much.
Scooped up on a chip or in a taco, peach salsa makes everything taste like summer. It’s also great served with chicken or fish, and since it comes together in a food processor, it really takes almost no time to make. —Shawna Laufer, Ft. Myers, Florida
I don’t have a big food processor (although I’d really like one!) but this small one is cheap, easy to clean and super handy.  I put everything for the salsa in it expect for the peaches.  It creates a perfect finely chopped up consistency for the salsa.  Just don’t overchop!  It also saves lots and lots of chopping time.
Pico de gallo, sometimes referred to as Salsa Fresca, is a fresh salsa made with raw tomatoes, onions, serrano chili peppers, cilantro, lime and salt. That’s it! We had it served with tortilla chips and guacamole at the resort, but it’s also tasty when served as a topping for fish, chicken or steak. I’ve been told that it’s good with eggs too, although I haven’t tried that.
This is a good basic fresh salsa recipe and I keep the tomato juice out by using roma tomatoes as they are easy to seed and you have less juice to contend with. I like using the Serrano pepper for a little different flavor, and use chopped green onions when I have them. This is an easy recipe to alter for your own specific taste.

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  • Now, I’m a huge cilantro fan so the version below is a little cilantro-heavy. If cilantro isn’t your thing, you can reduce the amount or just omit it completely. Like most homemade salsas, this is best the day after you make it, once the flavors have a little time to meld in the fridge.
    If you’re looking for a sweet, spicy, tangy, and delicious salsa that is perfect with chips or on tacos, salads, chicken, and fish, you will love this delicious fresh fruit salsa recipe! Spicy Pineapple Mango Salsa is bursting with spicy sweet flavor – a fresh, delicious salsa that is a huge summer hit! Great on tacos, salads, seafood, or as a dip! 

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