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Soulfully, how nice you can get your hands on homegrown tomatoes! I also don’t enjoy a too spicy experience. Depending on the heat of the jalapeno, one shouldn’t make the salsa uneatable and it adds such nice flavor. I hope you enjoy!
We re-visited and updated the Peach apricot crumble recipe, you probably saw the lattice peach pie, and now this. Although there weren’t a ton of them, the peaches seemed extra big and super juicy this year. They were delicious in this salsa.
I came up with this fresh-tasting, spicy recipe one night as we fired up steaks smothered in a smoky hickory BBQ sauce on our new grill. The combination was a hit and this has definitely become a new favorite. We like our food spicy, so adjust the amount of chipotle and onion to suit your taste.
Tea, peach nectar, ginger ale, lemonade, and club soda all come together to create this refreshing summer drink that is absolutely perfect for a hot Southern day. This recipe makes about a gallon, but you can double it as you need to depending on the size of your gathering. What’s so great about this Governor’s Mansion Summer Peach Tea Punch is that it brings together so many of the great tastes of the South, including peaches and tea—and what could be more Southern than those? Grab a tall glass, fill it with ice, and get ready to garnish it with fresh peach slices for a pretty finish.
This looks so refreshing and yummmmyyyy!!! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful and blessed Memorial Day with your family!!! And a big “Thank You” to all who have served this country. May God continue to bless and protect all of you!!!
Lastly, I know that cilantro is not everyone’s favourite herb, but it really does go well in this recipe. If you don’t have the gene which makes cilantro taste like soap, I encourage you to give it a try. Start with a small amount at first, and see what you think of it. Traditionally, I think the cilantro is supposed to be roughly chopped and then added to the pico de gallo, but  I like it when it’s chopped finely because the flavour is more subtle.
This recipe is close to the one my father used to make…he would also add some cumin, use key lime juice, yellow spanish onions if available and roma tomatoes. I never cut the seeds out of the jalapinos and even use a mix of peppers to give it some kick.
Mexican food is my favorite, so I make it alllll the time. Most of the time, whatever I’ve made, I feel like it just HAS to be topped with my beloved sour cream (pretty sure that’s not authentic, buuuuut I love it) and of course, some sort of salsa or pico de gallo.
I then diced the onions. Keeping the “base” of the onion intact, I sliced 3/8″ parallel cuts into the onion followed by 3/8″ vertical cuts. Since I didn’t cut through the base, the onion held mostly together. Slicing through the onion at this point produced a suitably even dice.
If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know that I’ve been on my first cross-country road trip.  I’m beyond humbled and excited that we have this opportunity of a lifetime!  So far I’ve gone zip lining in the NC mountains, tubing in a cold-a*s mountain river and sitting by some beautiful campfires by the camper.  The bucket list is getting checked off little by little!
For this fresh salsa, starring both peaches and tomatoes, I add chunks of  fresh tomatoes and peaches to my food processor along with red bell and jalapeno peppers, red onion, cilantro and garlic cloves.  I then toss in some seasonings and pulse everything together until the salsa reaches the consistency and texture that I want.  We love to enjoy this salsa with tortilla chips, or as a condiment for grilled chicken, fish or pork.  I even eat it on salads and tacos…oh so good! It’s sweet and spicy, and I love a fresh and healthy way to get my kids to eat more fruit and vegetables.

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