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I used to throw out all the peels until one day I looked at all the peels from 120 lbs of tomatoes and thought, what a waste! Hence, I put them through my food processor and realized that must be where “tomato paste” comes from! I dumped them Back into my tomato sauce and it naturally thickened up my soup/spaghetti base sauce!
Salsas can be a tangy relish to serve with grilled chicken or fish, add a picante kick to braised or stewed dishes, or bring a herbaceous freshness to charred tortillas (or, of course, chips!). Start with a blender (and our easy, mix-and-match ingredient combos), and you can achieve silky-smooth or chunky salsas in a flash.
Of course it’s also great topping more involved meals like tacos, enchiladas and salads of grilled chicken, beans and guacamole. And that’s another reason to love having homemade salsa in your pantry – it works for so many things, right?
To make this fantastic green tomato salsa, un-ripened diced green tomatoes are mixed with onions, jalapeños, red bell pepper, and garlic, plus fresh cilantro, lime juice, cider vinegar, sugar, and a wonderful blend of spices including cumin, oregano, freshly cracked black pepper, and cayenne pepper.  Everything is combined in a pot and cooked together until the vegetables are tender and the flavors have melded together.
Delicious! Not sure why no one has rated this yet, but I can only imagine it’s because they’re so delighted that they’re lost for words. Simple, easy to make and great to eat. Made it for our annual chilli night and everyone loved it!
Thanks SO much for sharing this recipe! I loved it to so much because it is so easy to whip up right before I head in for a night shift. All the nurses in the ICU love it when I whip up a batch and bring it in.
Not only is it delish with tortilla chips but also over scrambled eggs, chicken, fish, grilled veggies, tacos, burrito bowls, mixed into cooked quinoa or beans. Plus now is the time to make this stuff! Homegrown, ripest tomatoes are the best here but if you’re like us and still recovering from cold winter and non-existent spring and homegrown tomatoes are still couple months away, then use any other sort of juicy tomatoes that you can get your hands on.
Just made this tonight, and it is delicious!  My husband and I were both a little unsure about using canned tomatoes, but it is as good as any salsa I have had with fresh tomatoes.  I also like that you can alter the heat level by adding more or less jalapeños.  Now I am just wondering if it would freeze well.
Great salsa!! The only change I made was to use two habaneros instead of the serranos. Nice ‘n spicy!! I’ve made this in the past and added small avocado cubes after blending – wife loves it. Try dipping it with thicker, traditional style corn tortilla chips, you’ll love it.
So, to get this salsa making started all you need to do is slice the ends off of your tomatoes and then slice them in half.  Next up, give your onion and cilantro a little chop.  No need to over do it, the food processor will do all of the work.  Then slice your jalapeno in half and remove the seeds, or leave them to make it spicier. 
* – This assumes you already have the pots, pans, ladles, and reusable equipment. Note that you can reuse the jars!  Many products are sold in jars that will take the lids and rings for canning.  For example, Classico spaghetti sauce is in quart sized jars that work with Ball and Kerr lids and rings
Thanks for catching that and letting us know Brenda. Lord, imagine trying to get six jars of this with only 1.5 g of green tomato. Not even my mother, who is a master at such things, could stretch it that far.
Also, FYI… When I was trying to leave my comment.. A really annoying box kept coming up in front of the screen asking me to follow you. Not that I mind being asked that because I like your blog… But it made it where I couldn’t even type anything and I just went to my notes in iPhone and typed my comment that way and then copied and pasted it (I had to do the same thing for this comment too) . Just thought you should know cause I’m sure you don’t want your followers to have such difficulties giving feedback 🙂
Just made salsa the aroma of salsa is the bomb! Followed recipe exactly and I taste tested before canning this is the best salsa recipe I have ever made! Thank you for publishing this wonderful recipe!
I truly LOVE salsa, but have never made my own. You definitely make it sound SUPER easy, though, so I should probably just give it a try! The next time that I make it to my local Farmer’s Market, I will have to pick up the ingredients that I need :).
Lift the jars out of the water and let them cool without touching or bumping them in a draft-free place (usually takes overnight)  You can then remove the rings if you like, but if you leave them on, at least loosen them quite a bit, so they don’t rust in place due to trapped moisture. Once the jars are cool, you can check that they are sealed verifying that the lid has been sucked down. Just press in the center, gently, with your finger. If it pops up and down (often making a popping sound), it is not sealed. If you put the jar in the refrigerator right away, you can still use it. Some people replace the lid and reprocess the jar, then that’s a bit iffy. If you heat the contents back up, re-jar them (with a new lid) and the full time in the canner, it’s usually ok.
I encourage you to try this recipe out as written (because, if you ask me, it really is the perfect combination of flavors, precisely designed for a light, refreshing and flavorful salsa with a decent but not overwhelming kick), but then feel free to do your own tweaking to suit your own tastebuds.  This recipe is a highly customizable one: add corn and beans (after blending).  Omit the lime juice.  Leave in all of the jalapeno seeds (if you do this, be prepared for some hot salsa).  Whatever suits your taste.
Chop the onion into 1-inch pieces and transfer to a bowl. Core, peel and coarsely chop the green tomatoes and add them to the bowl. Stir in the cilantro, red tomato, lime juice and the 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Season the salsa with salt and pepper and serve.
“This is an AWESOME Salsa, Yeah Its Sweet which is Perfect for my mom and I Love it too. Made 1/6 and 1/12 th of this Recipe four times Now. Is so Good… I Used Ten Times the Jalapenos and Added Cilantro Probably be about 1/3 Cup Dried Cilantro for Full Recipe, To Make a Nice Sweet n’ Spicy.”
We lived in West Texas for 18 years and now live in NE Pennsylvania. Didn’t have to worry about Salsa in Texas as there was a Mexican restaurant on almost every corner. Not so in PA. I have been making my Salsa (Mexican Chili) from a good Mexican friend of ours now for 12 years with some adjustments, 1 large can of Furmano’s whole tomatoes, jalapenos, cumin, coriander, salt fresh cilantro (when we can get it), minced garlic, diced yellow onions, lemon and lime juice, and some other spices. Will have to say it is VERY good.Have had many people Rave about it who are transplants like myself from Texas and California.
You are so sweet Judy, thank you for all your kind words! I love to hear that you are enjoying my recipes as they are like my babies as I put so much thought and effort into each one, so THANK YOU! I might do an E-book sometime in the future but it will be a ways out as it is quite a project to tackle 🙂 I hope you continue to find more recipes to love here.
This is my first year can tomatoes, and when I hot water bathed them I only did it for 10 minutes instad of the 25+ minutes. I heard all the lids pop, my question is, will they be OK or do I need to redo them?
So this salsa recipe happened by accident. I wasn’t meaning for this post to happen…I was just trying to make a simple salsa to watch the Chiefs game. When I went into the pantry, I didn’t have any cilantro or lime juice, two of my most needed ingredients for fresh salsa. I was still craving a healthy tomato based dip…so I had an idea. What if I substituted balsamic vinegar for lime juice, and basil and garlic for cilantro??
This chunky salsa is great served atop our Steak Tacos. If you’re looking for the perfect app, cut a baguette into rounds and add a heaping tablespoon of Charred Salsa on top for a Tex-Mex take on bruschetta. 
Note that it is not essential that the chile peppers be cooked through, only that the outer tough skin is blistered and blackened. This is what will help with flavor. Also it will make it easy to peel the chiles.
I did make it and it was delicious.   I actually froze the tomatoes until I had time to use them.  I washed them and froze them whole in gallon size freezer bags.  When time to use, I defrosted tomatoes on counter top  for about two hours,  the skin came off easily and chopping the tomatoes up wasn’t a mess because it was still semi frozen.  This method worked perfectly actually.  Then I followed the instructions for this recipe.  The salsa turned out perfect.  Very tasty.  I canned several for later enjoyment.  Excellent recipe, thanks for sharing!
7. Adjust oven racks to lowest and upper-middle positions; place 12-inch skillet on lower rack and heat oven to 425 degrees. Line rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil and place cherries, cut side up, on sheet. Roast cherries on upper rack until just tender and cut sides look dry, about 15 minutes. Transfer cherries to medium bowl, toss with lemon juice, and let cool for 5 minutes. Combine 2 teaspoons flour and cinnamon in small bowl; dust flour mixture evenly over cherries and toss to coat thoroughly.
UPDATE: Thanks to Janet in the comments for letting me know steam canners HAVE been approved by a national extension office and the National Center for Home Food Preservation for processing times under 45 minutes (here’s the article). 
Great question, Liz…and very timely. I’ve been making batches of this salsa for the last few days and keep forgetting to weigh the tomatoes for a precise measurement. I am making another batch tomorrow and will do so and report back! So much depends on the variety and exact size of the tomato, so I’ll get a weight measure that will take the guesswork out of it. You definitely want to use a full 10 cups of chopped tomatoes for proper pH levels.
I can’t even begin to tell you how easy it is to make this salsa.  Seriously.  The only prep work required is a little washing and chopping, then your food process or blender does the rest of the work.  Trust me on this one, you won’t want to go back to store bought salsa after making your own. 
I just made and canned homemade salsa for the first time last week. I used this recipe: http://www.theyummylife.com/roasted_salsa … it is amazing. I was surprised how easy and delicious it was. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I’ll have to compare the two and see what the differences are. If yours looks milder I may give it a try.
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend in short bursts until the ingredients are well incorporated. Don’t process to the point of having a smooth puree, you want a salsa that still has a little texture.
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