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Hi Kellie, You could can this but food safety guidelines do recommend acidifying tomatoes prior to canning because of their natural pH level. Olive oil is considered acidic, but I’m not sure if the given amount would be enough to guarantee safety. Following is an excerpt from The National Center for Home Food Preservation, which might provide a little more insight. I hope this helps!
Pair our recipe for Watermelon-Mango Salsa with Crunchy Jerk Tacos, or serve with a hearty pita chip for dipping. We love this refreshing salsa anytime of year, but it’s especially suited for summertime picnics and get-togethers. Friends and family will rave over the fresh, tropical flavors with just the right amount of kick. 
The real beauty of this recipe is that it eliminates the time-consuming, tedious task of peeling and seeding the tomatoes.  The blender creates a smooth base that cooks down to a velvety sauce, and no one will notice a single seed or piece of skin.  I actually think the skins enhance the flavor.
OH! And your peeling method??? Wow wow wow THANK YOU! When I can tomato sauce, I freeze the whole tomatoes first. Then as they thaw the skins slip off, and the mushy tomatoes are perfect for cooking down into sauce. But I am so excited to do this instead of the blanching method!
In a small bowl, combine the first seven ingredients. In another bowl, combine the sour cream, lemon juice, lime juice, cumin and seasoned salt. Pour over cucumber mixture and toss gently to coat. Serve immediately with chips. Yield: 2-1/2 cups.
Using tongs, remove tomatoes one at a time boiling water and immediately drop in ice water. Allow to set for at least one minute before peeling (the skin will come off easily) and scraping out the seeds.
Haha, always worth the question! I just don’t know about pH levels and food safety of using canned so you might try googling to see if any of the main canning experts (Ball, NCFHP, etc) have anything to say about it.
Hey there. Thanks so much for this. I’m needing to move toward a salt free diet but we love Tex-Mex food! This sounds lovely. This way I can gage my own spices. I’m going to try this tomorrow. Cheers.
Pulse a few times to get the ingredients mixed together. You can continue using the pulse feature if you like your salsa a little chunky. I process mine for about 30-45 seconds or until it looks good.
Everybody needs the best salsa recipe to munch on or to smother all their favorite Mexican food in –  and this is it!  Living in Carlsbad, (north San Diego), where Mexican restaurants outnumber any other type of food 20-1,  I have tasted a lot of salsas.  And this homemade salsa recipe, my friends, is as good as the best I’ve ever tasted!
The recipe looks good except for adding factory canned tomato sauce and paste!  Ugh.  I make my own and would use it.  If I didn’t make my own I would simply cook it longer to thicken.  You sort of lose the whole meaning of “home canned” if you add factory food in it, don’t you think?
Once the salsa is blended, you are going to fry it in 2 tablespoons of hot cooking oil. To fry it you just pour it into the hot oil. This step is important to develop the flavor of the salsa and helps bind it. Don’t skip it.
This is a great recipe! I have tried a few recipes, but this is my favorite! I have already emailed it to friends who want it. I use half the jalapeño seeds and it is perfect! I also add some tomato paste to thicken it up. Great stuff!!!
Salsa verde can be made with just tomatillos, just green tomatoes or a mixture of both. They are in the same plant family, have a similar consistency and similar taste. We used about 1/4 of our green tomatoes to make a whopper batch of salsa verde and still have well over 100 pounds of tomatoes sitting in the mud room slowly ripening (if you missed it, here’s our post with five tips to ripen green tomatoes). 
If you’re looking for a versatile condiment that’s perfect for summer fare, consider salsa. I know many of you think of salsa as something to serve with tortilla chips or a Mexican dish, but there are a lot of interesting ways to use it.
Q. My question is about salsa. I was going to borrow a pressure cooker to make salsa this year (for the first time). My grandma told me that I didn’t need the pressure cooker, I could just make salsa using the “inversion” method like I did the blueberry jam. Can I do this?
This salsa is a perfect summer snack! For ease, I don’t worry about seeding the tomatoes and pulse the ingredients in the food processor; if my family deems it too “juicy,” we strain off a bit of the liquid and then add the lime juice.
I think you could sub lemon juice if you are making small batches and keeping in the refrigerator, but changing out the acidity at that level will affect the overall pH which may make a difference in canning safety, so I can’t say for sure whether it would still be safe to can.
Cut a shallow “X” in the bottom of each tomato. Carefully, using tongs, transfer each tomato to the boiling water and allow to boil for 45-60 seconds (until you see the skin beginning to crack and peel).
This chunky, smoky salsa tastes amazing with tortilla chips. Roasted tomatoes, garlic, onion and jalapeno are blended with cilantro and cumin to create one of the tastiest and easiest Mexican-inspired recipes you’ll ever try.

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  • Thank you for sharing this recipe – it is delicious!!! I made it last week for the first time and just made another batch today for Sunday. I have been on the search for a long time for a great salsa recipe and this is it! Perfect!
    I just made and canned homemade salsa for the first time last week. I used this recipe: http://www.theyummylife.com/roasted_salsa … it is amazing. I was surprised how easy and delicious it was. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I’ll have to compare the two and see what the differences are. If yours looks milder I may give it a try.
    I freeze tomatoes all the time, it is my simple way of peeling them, once they are thawed the peel comes right off. I have been canning 30 plus years. I freeze as I pick them and make 1 huge batch rather than several little batches.

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