“apple salsa recipe with tomatoes best mexican tomato salsa recipe”

I have been searching all morning for “this” recipe! Have looked at so many and they just weren’t what I was looking for. And then I found yours! Thanks so much for sharing! Cool weather has found it’s way here and soon we’ll have a good frost. Time to pick the surplus of tomatoes that are still hanging on! Thanks again! Can’t wait to try it this weekend!!
“Summer heat came late and left a bit early this year…leaving lots of green tomatoes! This “throw together” green tomato salsa was declared “the best salsa I’ve ever had” by my brother-in-law. Cooking time includes canning process.”
Editor’s note: Chef Roberto Santibañez, the chef/owner of Fonda in Brooklyn, New York shared this recipe as part of a festive taco party menu he created for Epicurious. He recommends serving this salsa with his Carnitas or Carne Adobada Tacos .
I used to kind of roll my eyes at people who got heated (no pun intended) over which homemade salsa recipe is the best (most of the aforementioned people don’t give out their secret recipes so I’ve had to end my friendship with them).
Just found your page. Amazing. I live Norway and we cant get a lot of ingredients that are available in the USA. Im wondering what is a substitute for fire roasted tomatoes and canned green chiles? Thank you.
I love this recipe! It is my favorite! I have to admit I tweaked it a bit with a TBSP of Cumin. It gave it a smoky taste. I have also frozen the salsa. It is still really good, but I tend to drain off some of the liquid. It might be a bit less spicy, but overall it works very well! I freeze it in canning jars.
I just made this using jalapeños instead of serrano. I used a larger onion and one more tomato. Now I boiled then simmered but it didn’t get as red as the photo above. Is this normal or did I do something wrong? How do I get that deep red tone?
If you want a salsa that is truly Mexican use fresh tomatillos an peppers. Roast them until the outsideskin is blackened. Add that along with some onion, garlic, salt and very small amount of water to blender. That is Mexican salsa (sin molcajete).
Learn How To Peel Fresh Tomatoes.  The following technique makes this job easy and quick. You probably are saying, “Why peel tomatoes? The answer is very simple – peeling gives a better texture that is softer in the mouth.
If you’d like a smokier salsa, I strongly recommend adding in a chipotle pepper or two in adobo sauce. If you’d like a spicier salsa, you can add in an extra jalapeño (or just add in the seeds from the original one). If you’d like a tangier salsa, you can’t go wrong with extra lime juice in my opinion. And as always, don’t be afraid to add in extra salt to kick up the flavor if needed!
Because this particular salsa is made with fresh ingredients, it will last as long as you would expect cut fresh tomatoes to last. It’s best eaten right after you make it, chilled it should last about 5 days or so.
**I’ve found that the sizes of my garlic cloves can vary wildly, and adding two garlic cloves that are too large can lead to an overtly garlicky dip. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, I’d suggest comparing the clove to the width of your pinky nail. If the clove is smaller than that width or close, use two. If it is larger, use one.
Process in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes, then remove and let sit, undisturbed, for at least 12 hours before checking seals. It is important to let them sit undisturbed for 12 hours because the sealing compound on the lids is still cooling and hardening, completing the seal. While the jars cool, you will hear a “plink” type sound from each jar – this is the jars completing the vacuum seal as the final air escapes the jar. After 12 hours have passed, remove the bands and check the lids – press down in the center of the lid. If you cannot push the lid down any further, the jar is sealed. If the lid “gives” a bit, and you can push it down, the jar did not seal. You can either put the band back on the jar, and reprocess it for another 15 minutes, or you can just put it in the fridge and use it within 3 months.
I used fresh grape tomatoes, green small tomatoes and roma tomatoes from my garden and it was sooo good. Seriously addictive. I’m happy I found this, thank you. I made it twice in the last month now and Im ashamed to say I have ate 1-2 jars in one week. It makes almost 3 jars every time for me using 3 pounds.
I made this salsa about half an hour before dinner. By the time dinner was ready half the salsa was gone and I was still fighting off hungry family members! They wouldn’t stay out of the kitchen. Of course, it didn’t help that after I taste tested it myself I let everyone else have some too. There was nothing left to save for the next day. The beauty of it was that it was fast and tasted great, a definite keeper in this house!
I promise you, if there is a will, there is a way. I will sneak salsa into almost ANYTHING. Okay, not like dessert or anything, because that’s just weird. But pretty much everything else. I’ve used it as dressing on a salad. Healthier, and so much tastier than salad dressing. And just plain old, gosh-darn good. I almost always have to have salsa with scrambled eggs in the morning — yuh huh. I scramble the eggs up in a skillet, toss in some crushed up tortilla chips (just like a tablespoon or three) and some cheese and let it all melt up. Put all of that on a warm tortilla and top with a couple tablespoons of this blender salsa. You’ve got to try it. It is seriously the best breakfast taco of your life. If I could, I would eat this for every meal of the day. Every. single. day.

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  • I tried this recipe last night and was shocked at how good it is! I make a salsa that takes forever and this was so easy, but the flavor was not lacking. Thank you for sharing such an easy recipe with all of us!
    Instead, I cut the tomatoes in half, place them cut-side down on a baking sheet, pop them under the hot oven broiler for 3-4 minutes (watch closely!) and the skins will wrinkle right up when the pan is removed, and after they are cooled, the skins will peel off really easily.
    Making this right now! Can’t wait to try it! I wasn’t sure if I needed to buy a yellow or white onion, but I went with the white onion. Hoever, I am bummed b/c i just realized I forgot the jalapeno and the lime juice.. Hopefully it still tastes as good as yours! Thank you for sharing!!
    I’ve tried to make this salsa twice.. with the exact measurements ( which is usually hard for me to do) and I keep coming up with a rosy/peach color… it’s not the vibrant red in your picture. Any idea why?

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