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For a unique salsa, Laura Lancour of Milwaukee, Wisconsin tosses frozen berries with fresh peaches and kiwi fruit. “You can use canned peaches instead of fresh,” she notes. It’s a terrific snack or dessert served with homemade cinnamon tortilla chips.
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We usually make a large batch and use within 5 days.  You’ll find that the tomatoes really get broken down from the citrus, so you’ll want to enjoy this recipe for Pico de Gallo before it breaks down too much. It’s the best pico de gallo recipe when you use up before the 5 days.
Pico de Gallo is one of my all time favorite things: So fresh. So versatile. All it requires is a little chopping (no cooking!)!  You can use it as a dip with tortilla chips. It can also be used as a mix-in to kick up your guacamole, a topping for tacos or fresh fish, an extra punch for that omelette … the possibilities are endless!
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If you’re going to serve your Pico de Gallo recipe at dinner you should make it a least 3-4 hours before. We actually like to make it the night before if possible. By making it earlier you ensure that the flavors will really meld together. You want each bite of your pico to taste like each flavor.
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OMG! I am a salsa eatin’ East Texas girl, stuck way up here in New York, and I am wiping the drool off my chin after seeing this recipe! I’ve got a couple of bushels of fresh peaches and a friend that supplies me with the best tomatoes on the planet. So guess what I’m gonna be makin’! Thanks!!
Add all of the ingredients to a food processor and blend until desired consistency. I like mine more saucy, than chunky. Serve either at room temperature or slightly heat up. It is delicious warm! Serve with chips, tacos, omelettes or burritos!
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Pico de gallo is very versatile and can be eaten in many different ways.  The most obvious way of serving pico de gallo is as a salsa, scooping the fresh salsa with crunchy chips.  You can also serve it as a salad or side dish, and eat it with a fork or spoon.
Finely chop a good handful of cilantro leaves and stir into the pico de gallo. Season with a pinch of Kosher salt. Taste and add the juice of the other 1/2 of lime if needed. (Personally, I lime, so I always just add the juice from the entire lime in the first place).
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Full of fresh summer ingredients, this mild, simple summer peach salsa is great on chips, on tacos, on fish… it’s slightly sweet, tangy, and pairs well with spicy, warm flavors. It’s healthy, gluten-free, vegan, raw, and low-fat, and it’s mild flavor makes it kid friendly.
Put down your peeler: This brilliant dish is our easiest peach cobbler ever. Simply cut the peaches in half, place them in a cast-iron skillet, and bake them. Add in some shortbread dough, bake everything a little longer, and get ready to enjoy a simple and incredibly delicious Ginger-Peach Shortbread Cobbler. You can serve this cobbler warm, right out of the oven and out of the skillet, or let it cool and serve it later. However you prefer it, this easy-to-make recipe means that having homemade peach cobbler doesn’t have to mean spending all day peeling peaches—it simply means digging in to a great handmade delight.
I absolutely love mango salsa! I make one that is like this one, but it has red bell peppers instead of pineapple. I love the pineapple idea! Fresh salsa is so easy to whip up and so much better than store bought. Can you imagine this one over a nice grilled fish? Yum!
This is the best mango salsa I have ever tasted! It’s a refreshing, cool and spicy salsa that adds excitement to fish, poultry, pork or tortilla chips! You’ll love it! If you’re feeling adventurous, use fresh cilantro instead of basil–wonderful!
An easy way to always have salsa on hand – no canning required. You control the heat by changing the type and amount of hot peppers. The 8 jalapeno’s called for in this recipe keep things sane. Introduce some cayenne peppers to increase the heat, some chipotle peppers for smoky tones and some habaneros, scotch bonnets or ghost peppers for insane heat. What’s your preference?

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